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Professional Development

Because you can't pour from an empty Cup!

In-House Workshop

Through this exciting and life-changing in-house workshop, your team will learn all about the Phoenix Cups Framework, which will change perspectives of why people interact the way they do, how needs not being met affect our behaviour, and what we can do to start living a fulfilling life.

This workshop:

- challenges unhelpful thinking;

- teaches your staff how to deal with stress; and

- teaches the Phoenix Cups Wellbeing model.

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Keynote Presentation  

Are you looking for a keynote presentation that is both enlightening, as well as fun and entertaining? 

Sandi and Chris can present the Phoenix Cups Keynote Presentation to events of all sizes, all around the world. 

Call Sandi and Chris if you want:

  • your delegates laughing and involved;

  • your delegates to come away with a better understanding of themselves and each other; and

  • your delegates to have an unforgettable experience.

The Phoenix Cups Keynote Presentation is a fast paced, educational, and entertaining experience for all who attend. 

To book your team in for a workshop, or for an unforgettable keynote presentation, Contact Us now.

Our Events

  • | 01 May 2020
    Designed to increase your wellbeing in the workplace AND at home, this workshop which has been delivered to thousands of people, is now available online for the first time ever! Get tickets at HERE
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