At the Phoenix Cups we don’t believe in work / life balance. That is why we propose something we like to call : Life Needs Balance.

This is about ensuing all our needs are met at home and in the workplace. We believe a good workplace wellbeing program can produce a confident, productive, and engaged team, who can support themselves and one another.

A well executed wellbeing program has numerous benefits to the workplace including:

  • Creating positive workplace culture
  • Contributing to team productivity gains
  • Improving employee retention and reducing absenteeism
  • Increasing morale and improving both personal and professional relationships

TALK to us today about how we can revolutionise your team environment and strengthen your team bond.

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Meet Christopher Phoenix, our corporate mental wellbeing facilitator and coach.

Chris is a wellness and mental health advocate working in the wellbeing space with a mission to support people to fill their Cups and fulfill their lives.

He works with companies and business owners within leadership and management teams, HR departments, sales teams, and the corporate workforce to support teams to increase productivity, minimize stress, strengthen working relationships, dismiss unhelpful thinking, and create a more fulfilling and engaging workplace culture.

Through facilitating workshops, delivering keynote presentations, and offering tailored coaching to educate individuals, Chris educates teams on how they can recognise and meet their own life needs as well as identify the needs of those around them. He does this through the Phoenix Cups framework, and offers support with Cup-filling plans for individuals and teams.

This important work will translate through all life categories including friendships, family, relationships, and community.


We work with business owners and management teams who are committed to transforming team culture by supporting your team to discover ways to master their wellbeing and mindset.

We offer standard and tailored packages to meet the needs of your workplace.
Through our workshops you will learn techniques to:

  • Be a stronger leader or manager

  • Identify what motivates your team

  • Learn to communicate your needs more clearly

  • Identify what it is that actually sparks joy in your life

  • Work on strengthening relationships with your colleagues

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Workshops. Retreats. Conferences. Keynotes. 

You name it. We can present at it.


Our workshops are available anytime, and anywhere. Whether they are during the day, in the evening after your business has closed, or even on a weekend. We can also come to you – online or in person – no matter where in the world you are.



Learn the basics of the Phoenix Cups that you will be able to use right away. By the end of the workshop, you and your staff will understand what the Phoenix Cups are, how to determine your needs, and what you can do to get your needs met.



Simultaneously entertain and educates you and your staff.  With your whole team engaged, Christopher spends the first hour illustrating the power of your thinking, how our unhelpful thoughts can effect our world, and what we can do about it. The remainder of the workshop we address Work Life Balance . We learn about the Phoenix Cups, determine what our Cups profile is, and learn how to make effective Cup Filing Plans.



Our most in-depth workshop includes all of Christopher's entertainment, as well as everything in the half day workshop in greater detail.

This workshop can also include additional topics including how to live a values based life that aligns with your goals, and addressing workplace gossip.

This workshop is perfect for retreats.

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This keynote has been called many things... but 'boring' is not one of them!

Chris brings the stage to life as he  offers the perfect combo of education and entertainment all rolled into one interactive extravaganza we like to call "EDU'TAINMENT'.

You can expect laughs, games, hypnosis (yep, we said it), philosophy, as well as a proven formula for wellbeing that will not only help you on your own happiness journey, but it will help you interact with your colleagues and peers, as you will be able to identify their needs as well!

Need help deciding or looking for a custom package?

We can help!