The Phoenix Cups 101 PDF eBook

The Phoenix Cups® 101 eBook PDF download

Whether you are new to the Phoenix Cups, or a Cups expert, our concise new eBook is a brief guide to the Phoenix Cups framework.

Inside are also printable downloads so you can get started creating your own Cup filling plans today!

For just $4.95 AUD you can learn the philosophy that is currently being successfully implemented in workplaces, education settings, and homes around the world.

Start your Cups journey here, today.

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How does it work?

This 24 page PDF document is yours to download and keep forever. You can print it OR just save to your favourite device.

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Sneak peek

Inside this concise PDF you'll find the following pages:

The Phoenix Cups Philosophy

Cup Filling Behavioural Choices

Your Phoenix Cups Profile


Will to Fill & Skill to Fill

Nature vs Nurture

Your Cup filling plan pages for each Cup

An exclusive discount to the 28 Day Wellbeing Challenge


Make a plan

Detail your Cup filling plan across 5 dedicated pages

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Keep this handy guide to refer back to throughout your Cup filling journey.