Educator Toolkit for Behaviour

Perfect for an early childhood educator or teacher. This comprehensive workbook is the perfect companion to helping you understand children's behaviour and implement a life changing framework to build relationships, and foster educational environments where everyone can thrive.

This is not JUST a stunning, best friend of a work book. It comes packed with awesome stories, practical strategies, and inspiring conversation starters in the full colour pages.

You will love the step by step guide to implementing and leading a positive approach to understanding and supporting children's social and emotional learning through The Phoenix Cups framework. Every full colour page has been expertly designed to be easy to follow, digestible, and memorable.

This workbook is 100% Australian designed, owned, and produced. It is written by Sandi Phoenix, designed by graphic artist, Jodi Duncan, edited and produced by the team at Phoenix Support for Educators, and printed in Brisbane.

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This is a book ONLY. The optional online course is sold separately. See our Phoenix Support for Educators website for more packages.

ISBN: 978-0-6487058-4-0

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Are you looking for the associated online course?

This book is the perfect companion to the online course (course sold separately)

This course leads educators and teams to new ways of thinking about children's behaviour. 

Throughout this course, you will find practical strategies, tools and templates, videos, downloads, activities, as well as guidelines for ways to facilitate solution focussed conversations about behavioural challenges with your team. 

The Phoenix Cups Book

Delve deeper into The Phoenix Cups and discover the philosophy behind every day behaviours. A life-altering experience that will open your eyes and change your perspective of why people interact the way they do, how their needs not being met affect their behaviour, and what you can start doing to live a fulfilling life.